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Redefine Training
Revolutionized Training

Training that bridges the gap between what happens in a restricted indoor gun range training environment to what really transpires on the streets, in the real world. Be prepared for stress inoculation, copious amounts of adrenaline and full immersion into reality based scenarios. Reality Based Training (RBT) with Ultimate Training Munitions (UTM) creates genuine stress inoculation while using actual firearms. Our training can be incorporated into any new or existing program making it more realistic. We can provide the tools that law enforcement agencies, private security and civilians need to be successful on a daily basis. (RBT) is physically and mentally demanding.

We aim to practice, reinforce and test capabilities within a real-world scenario, replicating an operational environment and task. Our clients can gain real-world experience through our scenario-based training. This training stimulates critical thinking, engages emotions, and fully immerses the trainees into a realistic, interactive scenario. Our clients learn the vital skills needed to make smart decisions in complex situations. We work with our clients so that we may provide customized, context-based training tailored to meet their individual needs. Depending on the objective at hand, training can be administered just about anywhere.

We aim to equip our clients with the tools and resources they need to excel in any shooting discipline: for recreation, for competition and for personal protection.

Pipe Hitters Team

Meet the people who are redefining training for real world scenarios.

Michael Wyatt

CEO, Founder

Justin Wyatt

CEO, Co-Founder